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Nordic Meet Up in Eskilstuna

Nordic Meet Up in Eskilstuna, Sweden – February 5–8th 2020

With 27 million inhabitants and the twelfth largest economy in the world, you’ve got the Nordic Region. Art and culture is what ties the region together and contributes the most to the world’s perception of what’s Nordic. ‘Folk och Kultur’ is Sweden’s platform for art and culture and this year, the second year in a row, the Nordic theme will be expanded. A special platform is created in order to discuss and investigate what modern Nordic is and what role it plays globally.  

In 2020, Denmark, Greenland and the Faroes will take on the presidency of The Nordic Council of Ministers. This will be one of many topics discussed during ’Folk och Kultur’. A Nordic pavilion is being constructed and the Nordic perspective will be a theme throughout the program. Lise Bach Hansen, cultural curator of the ’Den Sorte Diamant’, Denmark’s national library, will curate three seminars, in order to further underscore this theme. 

Highlights from The Nordic Program during ’Folk och Kultur’

Kasper Holten, director of ’Det Konglige Teater ’, The Danish Royal Theatre, will address how and in what way the large, government founded, royal, based-in-the-capital and public service cultural institutions can re-invent their story-telling, one that all citizens feel in tune with. In a discussion, curated by Lise Bach Hansen with the newly appointed General Manager for ‘Berwaldhallen’, Swedish Radio’s concert hall in Stockholm, Sweden, topics on the role of culturalinstitutions and why collaboration is a key factor within the cultural business when trying to get into the public eye. 

’Power or no power’ is also a seminar curated by Lise Bach Hansen. The topic is on sexuality and its values. We have a financial system where sexuality is a driving force but also destroys people while adding value to the system. The movie and theatre industry might be the best examples of this. What does Janus Metz Pedersen, one of the leading movie directors in the Nordic region or Kitte Wagner, CEO and artistic director of the city theatre in Malmoe, Sweden have to say on that? How are men and women portrayed in performing arts of today? Anna Serner, CEO of the Swedish Film Institute and at the forefront of the work for gender equality, will address this, based on the actions that the institute has taken. 

Another seminar by Lise Bach Hansen is ’Arctic for Sale’. Does arts and culture capture the vast geopolitical momentum that the climate changes bring? 

The culture of the young is changing. What are the consequences for Culture Politics? Anna Sparreman, professor, discusses this theme while presenting Kulturanalys Norden’s new anthologyresearch on children’s and young people’s leisure cultures in the Nordic countries. An in depth perspective on the new generation, the life they lead outside school and the driving forces behind this life. 

The role of Culture Politics is discussed by The Nordic Culture Fund.

The opening ceremony of ’Folk och Kultur’ takes on the Nordic theme by presenting this year’s laureates of the Nordic Council’s music award; Kreeta-Maria Kentala, violinist and Jouko Kyhälä, a member of the harmonica quartet ’Sväng’.

Organizers presenting the Nordic theme at ’Folk och Kultur’ are The Nordic Council of Ministers, The Nordic Institute on Åland, The Nordic Culture Point , The Nordic Culture Fund, Hanaholmen Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre , The Nordic Agency for Cultural Policy Analysis, The Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation, The Norden Association in Sweden, UusiTeatteri. 

The Nordic countries are represented by various individuals from the region. Some are Danish women in power positions in Swedish cultural life, such as Kitte Wagner, CEO of the Malmoe City Theatre, Gitte Grønfeld Wille, Director of Culture, Region Skåne and Sanne Houby Nielsen, Director of The Nordic Museum in Sweden. Participating in ’Folk och Kultur’ are also Martin Breum, expert on the Arctic, journalist and author, Eline Sigfusson, Deputy Director at the Nordic Culture foundation in Copenhagen, Alfiero Zanotto, advisor at the Nordic Cultural Contact in Helsinki, Jaana Tamminen, project director for Arts and Culture, Hanaholmen – Cultural Centre for Sweden and Finland. 

Photo: Anna Serner (photographer: Marie-Therese Karlberg), Janus Metz Pedersen, Kitte Wagner 
Read about the Nordic Program at ’Folk och Kultur’ here (in Swedish).

Information about ’Folk och Kultur’ 2020
When: Feburary 5–8th, 2020
Where: Munktellstaden (Munktell City), Eskilstuna, Sweden
What: ’Folk och Kultur’, freely translated to Culture and Society, is a cultural political convention in Eskilstuna, Sweden. It is arranged for the third year in a row, and will bring together around 3,000 participants from all parts of Sweden and other countries. It is a platform for discussions and more than 150 organizers take part. Its goal is to become the leading platform for meetings on the significance of arts and culture in the development of democracy and society. 

 Initiators are the Central organization of regional theatres, regional music and regional museums in Sweden. Organizer is the non-profit association ‘Kulturlyftet – Kultur i hela landet’. The convention is organized in close collaboration with the municipality of Eskilstuna and the Swedish Region Sörmland among hundreds of contributors. 

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Sofia Johansson

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