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We present our first keynote speaker for 2022!

We are happy to introduce the first of our international keynote speakers for Folk and Kultur 2022. Dougald Hine is a social thinker, writer and storyteller responsible for creating a series of organisations, projects and events, including the Dark Mountain Project, the ‘utopian regeneration agency’ Spacemakers, and a school called HOME. At Folk och Kultur he will speak about the force of culture.

 ”Culture is often treated as a soft surface layer over the harder realities of the world: a high achievement, a luxury, or an entertaining distraction. But it’s more like a tectonic force. You can’t get deeper than culture – and it’s when things get hardest that it matters most.”

Dougald’s work is driven by a desire to understand how we change things, and how things change, with or without us. This has taken him cross country through a range of fields, from social theory to the tech industry, literary criticism, the future of institutions and the skills of improvisation.

As a speaker, Dougald has appeared at Google’s Think Infinite! events in Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires, TEDx London, the European Commission, numerous universities, arts, architecture and business schools across Europe, as well as community arts spaces, church halls and the upstairs rooms of pubs.


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